It’s been an eventful car week. I had to take the Dodge
Durango in because it was showing that it was hotter than usual. Of course, there was the front passenger side window motor that broke, for the second time in less than a year. Stalker is a mechanic, as I’ve mentioned before (I think, this is my second post). So, it’s been in the repair shop getting the window fixed and looked at for the heating up issue.
Turns out that the thermostat was stuck shut. Last time the wires were cut to the thermostat causing the car to overheat and the engine to blow up. Cost approx. $5000 for engine rebuild and also, a short time after that had to replace the radiator completely, etc. Literally makes me sick, as it is designed to do.

So, replace thermostat and housing, plus fix window motor, etc., $550.

Makes me sick to think of spending that money on what I think is vandalism, again.

But, because of it, I decided to get an alarm put on the car today, as well as have a basic radio/stereo put in it, since the last one was also ruined, somehow. Have been driving the thing with no radio, no cd player, etc. since before mom died in 2008. All of that, $651. For a super sensitive car alarm. That way I will at least know if it’s been tampered with.

Which brings me to tonight. I fell asleep, but Aidan was still on the computer, and he heard Scarlett neigh at 1:54 a.m. He went to the windows and tried to look out with his headlight flashlight (it’s very powerful), it’s foggy, so nothing.
I woke up when he was looking out the window next to my bed. Then, at about 2:05 a.m., Scarlett neighed again. We both went out on the porch and looked around as much as possible. The crickets and frogs were quiet which is abnormal. Scarlett was quietly looking around. After we were out there a few minutes, the crickets and frogs started up again tentatively. They were silent before we went out, because we stood at the kitchen window which was already open and couldn’t hear them.

Also, I noticed a Marlboro cigarette butt by the driveway just outside the gate today.

Last night I was too tired to write about it, but I heard noises under the house. The skirting is still torn off from the Platt disaster.

I still don’t have the Durango back, I couldn’t/can’t return the rental car until Monday. Thank goodness the rental car has an alarm.

Most likely, Idiot creep is trying to find out whose car is in the driveway.

Next step, night vision cameras.