Scarlett neighed again, earlier, at about 7 p.m. or so Sunday March 2013

It is now Monday, 12:10 a.m., and the television changed channels and the mute went off.

It’s possible that direcTV is responsible for the channel changing, because I’ve had problems with them also lately, the past month in particular with the channels changing on their own, it seems when I am actually watching something.  Then I am on a channel that says it’s one thing in the guide, but I’m watching something totally different.  Can’t find the program that WAS on that channel.

But, how is it possible that the TV went from mute to sound on?  I do have a window facing the television.


Makes me think of the cable tv repairman going under mom’s house to fix the cable that had been pulled out, and telling us about the hundreds of cigarette butts under there.  It was quite common that I would be talking to my mom in her bedroom and we would both smell cigarette smoke.  Of course they were the same brand Idiot creep smokes.

I have also smelled cigarette smoke a few times in the past few months and found cigarette butts around.  Even though no one I know smokes, I don’t smoke and I haven’t had anyone over who smokes, including people that are here to fix something or deliver something.