Hmm, let’s see.

Well, after having problems with the car again, when I got it back I decided to go ahead and have an alarm put in.  Although, as soon as I got it back from the repair shop, after having the thermostat, etc. replaced and the front passenger side window fixed for the second time in a year, the rear passenger side window fell down and now requires fixing.

Anyway, I did get the alarm put in.  That night, at 12:10 or so a.m., I was asleep and son was still playing Minecraft on the computer when the alarm went off.  The little icon was the “shock” icon, so something had shocked the car.  The dogs had barked a few times just prior to that, then went nuts after the alarm went off.

Aidan and I went outside to check things out.  I had my pepper spray and Aidan had the baseball bat.  The car had a big hand print in the condensation on the hood.  It looked like that was the cause of the “shock”.

We looked all over the yard and checked Scarlett.  Went in the house, and Aidan was really rattled and wanted to call the police.  I didn’t really want to because I know how it goes ad infinitum ad nauseaum.  The come out, look around, act like maybe you are crazy or something, then leave having accomplished exactly nothing.

Then the dogs went nuts again, so we went outside, just down off the front porch. and stood quietly.  Scarlett had neighed lightly earlier also.  (She only neighs when she sees a person or a horse.  She’s optimistic she’ll get fed again)

Then we heard someone go over the fence in the corner, right at the corner of the two streets Keller and Leon.

Aidan was really rattled then, so I decided to call the police mainly because I didn’t want him to worry so much.

Police came, I let them in the front gate.  Talked to one officer as others came also.  He looked at the handprint on the car, heard the story about the vandalism and as we waited I told him a bit more about the history of things.

I kinda wondered what we were waiting for, and then one of the cops said, “I can hear it” – and then a helicopter came!  They shone their extremely bright light all over the 2 acres and the neighborhood, very thoroughly.  It was really great because I felt like they listened.  Although, I didn’t have much hope that they’d find Idiot Creep.

I explained that he has fantasies about being an Army Ranger, that he reads these infantile novels about some hero army ranger guy.  He collects guns, combat knives, and other stuff.  He has a lock pick set and night vision goggles. 

I explained about how the cable t.v. repair man went under mom’s house after I had bought her a new television and it had suddenly quit, and nothing I did could get it to work again.  The repairman went under the house, found the cable had been pulled out under there, and discovered hundreds upon hundreds of cigarette butts all over, under the house.

Validates all of those times I was talking to my mom at her house and we would smell cigarette smoke, Marlboro.  I could tell after all of this time of harassment and torment.  I had thought he was hanging around outside, but we never understood why it seemed to surround us.  Eventually other stuff happened, like the house skirting in the driveway being moved and dented.  Another time I caught a glimpse of him coming out from under the house there in the driveway and taking off.

I had gone outside and sure enough there the car had a big handprint on it next to where he came out and the skirting panels were parted and dented.

Anyway, the point of all of that is it takes someone especially bizarre to go and sit under someone’s house with the spiders.

Also, we found that he had been hiding under the front porch at mom’s other house, #80.  My brother had taken the front porch off in order to rebuild a new one and he also found a bunch of cigarette butts under there.  This was a long time before the cigarettes, etc. under Grama/mom’s house where the cable guy found all the cigarette butts.

So if Idiot Creep saw a helicopter he would have no qualms about crawling under whatever is handy, including under my current house.

Neither of us slept very well after that, Aidan was especially upset.

This makes me more upset than I could possibly explain.  That my child would be forced to deal with this utter evil for any reason EVER.  Words cannot explain how sick that is.

The stress makes me literally sick.  This happened a few days ago, Tuesday early a.m., March 19, 2013.  It made us really exhausted and tired the past few days.

Words can never describe the horror of the impact this has had on my life, the extent, anything.  No description comes close.  I couldn’t possibly describe the cost to me both in money and life.