Sunday, March 31, 2013 3:31 a.m. – Scarlett neighed again as if someone was going to feed her.  I went out on the porch after she neighed once more at about 3:36, looked around from the porch, shined the light in the yard, and on her.  She was standing toward the house just past the well tank, looking at me head on.

I went back in the house after about 5 minutes with the pepper spray and the flashlight.  I was trying to be quiet because I didn’t want Aidan to wake up and be upset.  He had a hard time falling asleep because he worries that he’ll have to wake up to me checking on a noise – the alarm, the dogs barking, or Scarlett neighing again.

After I was in the house, she neighed two more times within about 10 minutes.

When Aidan and I were outside the other night, she kept neighing to us to try to get us to give her grass since she knows I’ll pick grass for her.  That is the ONLY time she neighs the way she’s been neighing in the middle of the night.

I’ve been sitting here with everything turned off and the sound amplifier plugged into my ear phones, seeing if I can hear something outside.

Guess I just have to spend more money and it makes me angry.  As is Idiot Creep’s aim.