I was sitting at the computer tonight getting ready to go to sleep, Aidan was asleep in bed, when I heard a VERY loud series of blows from Scarlett.  She has never done that, never.  This was clearly a terrified series of blows out her nose.  It was too dark and foggy to be able to see her – she’s about 30 feet from my bedroom window, near the big well tanks.

She did it so loudly, I could hear her over the t.v., the movie I was watching, and the fan that I have on my desk by the computer (keeps the computer cool).  Both windows were closed, of course.

About a half hour earlier, as well as about an hour earlier, my watchdog Gronkle was barking in his room.  I checked things then, but it’s hard to check things when it’s that dark and my outside lights aren’t working.

Great, Hank is barking right now, 3:28 a.m.

Anyway, Aidan is still sleeping, he slept right through all of the commotion because he took some benadryl for his allergies before going to sleep.

After Scarlett did her scared blowing, it scared me a lot, so I grabbed the phone, the headlight flashlight, and a baseball bat and checked out the front door.  It was so dark and foggy out there I decided not to even go on the porch to check with the light.  I thought about whether I should call the police and then I though, yes, I think I should.

Right now, my main road Leon is closed and torn up starting from my property corner going north, so there is no traffic on it especially at this time at night.  Only the residents down there are allowed to drive on it.  Which is even more scary to me, because then IDIOT would be bolder, thinking there are fewer people to notice if he’s prancing around the property terrifying Scarlett, the dogs, and me.  Thank goodness Boy1 stayed asleep, he gets very worried.  He’s been through hell in his short life because of this insanity.

I gave the cops my gate combination, and they came out about 15 minutes after I called.  Two squad cars, one policeman each.  I went out and opened the gate for the policeman who arrived first and told him what happened, and a few facts about IDIOT, and he asked for his name and DOB, which of course I gave him, since I have it memorized because I have had to tell cops so many times in my life.  I could tell them make, model, year of vehicle he drives, his address, and I think I could remember his phone number as well.

So the first officer started walking the property, then the second officer came after checking out the roads around here.  They both walked all over the property, and went over to check on Scarlett and pet her.  Then they came back to where I was waiting on the porch, told me to call again if I feel like I need to, and then they went out the gate, locking it behind them and I came in the house and sat down to write down the incident.

I don’t write down all the times the dogs bark suspiciously, or, even the times I’ve heard something/someone under the house, or other suspicious noises.  Just the more major things.  I’ve perceived that after I call the police, I usually have some peace for a little longer between incidents.

I have also found more cigarette butts on the property, have also had several – let’s see, probably at least 5 times since I last posted I have had cigarette smoke waft into the house.  Same brand IDIOT smokes.  I probably should sit down and write down when I smell the smoke.  Aidan has smelled it a few times at the same time I have.  Sometimes I can smell it when I’m in the kitchen, and he doesn’t.

The policeman seemed angry with IDIOT, so I don’t know if he’s going to contact it or not.  I kind of hope not because I think it encourages it.

Most nice men want to do more than just check the property, so I appreciate it though.

Done for now –